Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Recovery Stories 2016

This year's Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation Celebrate Recovery Dinner's opening speakers were peer recovery coaches and couple Christina Calderon, Ernesto Valdez, and their extended family members.  Their reflection on recovery and how they were able to overcome struggle together as a family speaks to the purpose of the foundation.  Recovery impacts the entire family, especially the future generations. Through the stories the opening speakers shared, it's important to understand the generational impact that recovery support can have when a family sticks together and doesn't give up on each other.  Below are clips from the opening speakers.  The Celebrate Recovery Dinner 2016 would not have been possible without this wonderful family and what they've been able to accomplish in their recovery and the El Paso community.

"Every day he keeps me going just by his willingness to keep moving forward... and that's what is helping me, especially my children...I hope that by my story and by everything I'm trying to do for people it will at least help one person..." Christina Calderon speaks on her and her husband's recovery and goals for the future

Christina Calderon
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"I can do this...I can change my life... this is good to give things back...and that's how I started you know, liking these programs...I start to look for help, asking for help...and one of the most beautiful things that happen to me, is my kids...they were born in my recovery..." Ernesto Valdez speaks on his the impact of his family and programs on his recovery

Ernesto Valdez
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"I'm always gonna be there for them, for him, for her, for my brothers, for everybody, as long as I'm here, I'm always going to be there for them...and I've always been telling him, you know I'm so proud of you, and I'm always going to believe in you...always, no matter what..." Ernesto's sister shares her role in her brother's recovery and support of his family. Afterwards Board President, Jose Montoya shares his thoughts on the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation and begins the evenings recognition of members of the DWI Drug Court Intervention & Treatment team

Family reflects on recovery 
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Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 in El Paso County that provides recovery support for participants and families of the DWI Drug Court Intervention and Treatment Program. For more information about Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation please visit recoveryelpaso.org

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