Friday, December 30, 2016

Light of Recovery Podcast #2

Light of Recovery Podcast #2 click here
featuring an interview with 
MSRF Board President
Jose Montoya

The Light of Recovery Podcast is brought to you by the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation in El Paso County. The second podcast recorded at the end of 2016 focused on the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation and DWI Drug Court Intervention & Treatment program with Board President and recovery advocate Jose Montoya. Jose Montoya is a local business owner of an eco-friendly (and recovery friendly) carwash detailing service in El Paso County. Along with leading the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation, he also represents its alumni as a former graduate from the program. The podcast discussed the purpose of the foundation, its connection to the drug court, and plans for the new year. In addition listeners will hear clips from this year's Celebrate Recovery Dinner event hosted by the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation at the Musturd Seed Community Cafe. Clips includes recorded audio from the event of Judge Robert Anchondo from the DWI Drug Court and a live recording of music performers Robert Vega, Jr. and pianist Alex Loeza.

The Light of Recovery Podcast features members of our Recovery community in El Paso County. Our goal is to provide a platform for the Recovery community to be heard and for the message and stories of recovery to be documented. El Paso County, in particular, has an extensive history in its connection to the Recovery movement. This podcast is done in effort to bring those recovery stories to light and engage listeners in a conversation about specific topics that we hope provide people with knowledge and inspiration.

The Light of Recovery Podcast also hopes to feature music from the local community and from artist, musicians, poets, and other forms of spoken word from anyone that would be so kind as to submit their music to us with permission to feature audio on the podcast. For contact information please visit our website at or email The Light of Recovery Podcast broadcasts one episode each month towards the end of the month.

Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 in El Paso County that provides recovery support for participants and families of the DWI Drug Court Intervention and Treatment Program. The mission of MSRF is to help address the recovery needs of participants and their families. Through our efforts with the Light of Recovery Podcast and other multi/social media projects we aspire to reach anyone and everyone engaged in recovery or interested in learning more.

Thank you for listening!

Lecroy 'Lee' Rhyanes
MSRF Board Secretary
Light of Recovery Podcast Host

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