Friday, December 22, 2017

MSRF Newsletter November 2017

In November Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation celebrated the DWI Drug Court's 13th anniversary! To view the newsletter and check out the photographs please see the images below or download click here.pdf

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

MSRF Newsletter October 2017

Our special holiday issue! Happy Halloween El Paso!! Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation October 2017 Newsletter: click here.pdf

MSRF Newsletter September 2017

“There are millions of Americans whose lives have been transformed through recovery. Since these successes often go unnoticed by the broader population, Recovery Month provides a vehicle for everyone to celebrate those accomplishments.”

This fall has definitely been a busy one for us all! Nevertheless, graduations are happening and in September our Board President was honored with an invite to participate in the National Association for Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) Graduate Peer Engagement Meeting!  It was an opportunity to bring back a lot of resources and ideas moving forward! In September, we recognized Recovery Month in our newsletter.

To view the newsletter pages simply click on the images! You can also download the PDF by clicking on the link below.

Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation September 2017 Newsletter: click here.pdf

Sunday, September 3, 2017

MSRF Newsletter August 2017

The latest Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation Newsletter highlights the graduation ceremony experience courtesy of photography from our Youth Connection Ambassador, Alex Montoya!  Special thanks to Alex, the graduates and their families. We’re excited to continue documenting the graduation moments and celebrating participants as they take the next steps in their recovery journey.  More photographs will be posted at the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation gallery and social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

To view the newsletter pages simply click on the images! You can also download the PDF below.

Celebrating Graduation at the DWI Drug Court 2017!

Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation August 2017 Newsletter: click here.pdf

Friday, August 4, 2017

Light of Recovery Podcast #4

"Fighting for Recovery"
Light of Recovery Podcast #4
 click here
featuring an interview with 
Robert Vega, Jr.

The Light of Recovery Podcast is brought to you by the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation in El Paso, Texas. This summer we connected with Robert Vega, Jr. to discuss an idea we have to introduce health & wellness activities into the conversation of recovery. The idea is to add a health & wellness component to the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation and promote health & wellness to participants, graduates and families of the DWI Drug Court program. Our first proposed health & wellness initiative is called Fighting for Recovery. Fighting for Recovery explores how the training associated with boxing can help promote recovery and engage participants in fitness activity for themselves, their families, and peers. In the podcast Mr. Vega also reflects on his turbulent past that included a 10 year prison sentence, six years of which he served in solitary confinement. He discusses how he was able to realize his goals and purpose in the community not only through boxing but through a variety of creative opportunities. Today Mr. Vega is a certified boxing trainer, college graduate, community advocate, actor, accomplished vocalist, motivational speaker, and is on a mission to help others. The podcast also includes thoughts from DWI Drug Court Alumni, Jose Montoya on how the training Mr. Vega provides has helped him and his son. He also shares thoughts on the importance of health & wellness for sustaining lifelong recovery.

We conclude the podcast with a song by an artist named Tres who released A Project of Recovery booklet/CD titled 'The Warrior' in 1992. The track is titled ((Warrior)). In the liner notes Tres states the following... "I want to say that writing the lyrics and composing the music of "Warrior" was by far the most therapeutic of exercises I have undertaken in my recovery simply because it has allowed me to tell the secrets. We are, after all, as sick as our secrets. By disclosing those secrets, we are victims no longer. We become, "WARRIORS"."

As you listen to the podcast you will hear us discuss a paper that Mr. Vega wrote about 8 years ago titled 'Reformation of the United States Justice System'. Listeners can download and read the document by clicking on the following Dropbox link: click here

The Light of Recovery Podcast features members of our Recovery community in El Paso, Texas. Our goal is to provide a platform for the Recovery community to be heard and for the message and stories of recovery to be documented. El Paso County, in particular, has an extensive history in its connection to the Recovery movement. This podcast is done in effort to bring those recovery stories to light and engage listeners in a conversation about specific topics that we hope provide people with knowledge and inspiration.

The Light of Recovery Podcast also features music from the local community and from artist, musicians, poets, and other forms of spoken word. If you have music that you would like for us to feature please send us your music audio files or CD to or mailing address 1712 Texas Avenue Suite 10B, El Paso, Texas 79901-1810 ATTN Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation. If you're submitting music please consider the theme of our program and our goal to feature stories that are focused on recovery. The Light of Recovery Podcast broadcasts episodes throughout the year.

Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 in El Paso County that provides recovery support for participants and families of the DWI Drug Court Intervention and Treatment Program. The mission of MSRF is to help address the recovery needs of participants and their families. Through our efforts with the Light of Recovery Podcast and other multi/social media projects we aspire to reach anyone and everyone engaged in recovery or interested in learning more.

Thank you for listening!

Lecroy 'Lee' Rhyanes
MSRF Board Secretary
Light of Recovery Podcast Host

MSRF Newsletter July 2017

Our latest newsletter is out for the summer! This newsletter focuses on our experience in July at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals #NADCP17 Advancing Justice Conference.  Throughout our website and social media Twitter and Facebook you will find many photographs from the event. In addition we’re planning a future Light of Recovery podcast reflecting on the the conference and the Board President’s recovery testimony which he delivered in front of thousands of people at the National Harbor.  More details are included in the newsletter below! To sign up for our mailing list please email us your first and last name and primary email contact at  Thank you!

To view the newsletter pages simply click on the images!

NADCP 2017 Advancing Justice Conference

Friday, July 7, 2017

MSRF Newsletter

Introducing the MSRF Newsletter! The newsletter includes updates and announcements from the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation to keep the community and our partners informed of our activities and progress! You can view the newsletter by clicking on the images below or download the newsletter as a PDF: DOWNLOAD!