Sunday, February 19, 2017

Smart Start Feature: Jose Montoya

Regaining a License on the Road & on Life
Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation Board President, Jose Montoya's story on how Smart Start's ignition interlock helped pave the road to recovery.

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“Interlocks are a tool for recovery.”

When ordered to use an Interlock, Jose says clients will feel the same way – they are being punished. “What people don’t understand at first is that the Interlock is a tool for recovery. The DWI program is a mix of supervision, treatment and tools. That is how I saw Interlocks later … it is a tool I need to have under my belt to recover.”

During his program, driving with the Interlock struck another chord. Every time he was blowing into the device, it was a reminder to him that being able to drive was a privilege. Jose had been behind the wheel since he was 12-years-old – driving did not mean that much to him until an Interlock had to be installed in his vehicle.

“Interlocks are a way to help individuals get better,” Jose said. “In the beginning stages of someone’s recovery, they need a lot of structure. They need a lot of people, support and tools. I see the Interlock as being an amazing tool to understand you are starting your recovery. You are making a change for yourself.”