Friday, September 24, 2021

A Helping Hand Farmer's Market Recovery Month Event!

Happening 9/25! Saturday! Together We Are Stronger! #Recovery is for Everyone! Every Person, Every Family, Every Community! A Helping Hand Farmer's Market #RecoveryMonth Brought to you by Horses Unlimited & Rescue, Education Center Inc., & Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation #MSRF #ARCS

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

December is Impaired Driving Prevention Month Know the Facts!


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To reach the El Paso DWI Drug Court Intervention & Treatment Program visit the following link at the El Paso County website or contact the Program Coordinator Leticia Medina or call (915) 834-8232 extension 5.

Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation Donation

For more information on our current donation process please contact us at  The Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation is a non-profit organization in El Paso County that provides educational and programmatic support for participants and their families of the DWI Drug Court Intervention and Treatment Program.  Our foundation raises funds to address the needs of the recovery community in El Paso, specifically the population receiving treatment through El Paso County's DWI Drug Court.

The foundation helps connect participants and their families to opportunities in the community that support lifelong recovery. For example, as participants graduate from their drug court program we help cover costs related to graduation ceremonies, Recovery Coach certification registration fees, scholarships for educational opportunities, workforce trainings, career preparation, peer recovery services, treatment support, mental health support, and other ancillary services that support and promote recovery. MSRF also organizes community events to celebrate recovery and create online initiatives such as podcasting to provide a platform for participants to share their recovery journey with the public. This lends to reducing stigma about issues related to addiction and contributing to a safe and healthy community.

We accept cash and check donations which you can send to the mailing address listed below. We also accept donations via credit card in person at our business location.  An online donation system will be available on our website soon. To arrange a credit card donation please email Thank you!

Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation 

For more information please visit us online

Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation

Contact Information:

To reach Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation please email  You can also connect with us on social media through Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you!


Friday, December 28, 2018

MSRF 2019 & the ARCS Vision

Jose Montoya, Board President of Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation discusses plans for 2019 including collaboration with the El Paso County DWI Drug Court, the ARCS vision, peer recovery groups, the new program location, and updates related to the Clean Guys recovery employment initiative! Stay tuned!

#ARCS Addiction Recovery Capital & Support

Friday, June 29, 2018

MSRF Newsletter June 2018

June’s newsletter highlights the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation’s most recent participation in the National Drug Court Professional’s 24th Annual Training Conference in Houston, Texas! Special thanks to Arely Montoya for attending and capturing moments from the event that are featured in the newsletter. To read more about MSRF and the El Paso DWI Drug Court’s participation in the event download the June 2018 newsletter.

Monday, May 28, 2018

MSRF Newsletter May 2018

MSRF and the El Paso County DWI Drug Court Intervention & Treatment Progrma are on their way to this year's National Association of Drug Court Professional's Annual Training Conference in Houston, Texas. In May's newsletter Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation features the Justice for All event and the significance of National Drug Court Month. In addition, we've included a video of MSRF's Board President from last year's NADCP Annual Training Conference, Voices of Reform. To view the newsletter and check out the photographs please see the images below or download click here.pdf.